Our Story

When a shared infatuation with “local” beers brought a Cajun from Marksville together with a Colorado native, no one would have dreamed that twenty something years later the two would again sit down over a pint of their favorite brew. This time, however, the brew was their own creation and one they would set out to share locally and far away.

Origin Of Name

As the old story goes, Marksville was settled by a merchant trader who traveled the area selling his wares to the local Native American tribes and French settlers. On one such trip a broken wheel on his wagon stranded the trader prompting him to throw his hands in the air and declare, “That’s it, I’m not going nowhere else.” Over the years, the moniker “Broken Wheel” has stuck with Marksville and as a business founded on the culture of this community, we adopted the name as ours, too.


The Brewmasters

The boys behind the beer.


JonathAn Knoll

After graduating from Louisiana State University in International Relations, Jon moved home to Marksville to open a seafood market. After years in the restaurant industry, Jon became disenchanted with the process and was looking to make a change. Then, he reconnected with Chris to open Broken Wheel Brewery. 

Chris Pahl

Chris has not always called Marksville home. No, this Colorado guy has a pallet for good beer. Chris became inspired by the craft beer boom early on and when Jon called, moving to Marksville to run the business was a dream come true. With more than 8 years under his belt living in Marksville, he considers himself a local, or at least he’s drinking like one. 

Our Process

If it ain't brokeN, don't drink it.

At first glance, our approach to brewing may seem a bit odd– we make what we like – but to us it makes perfect sense. As brewers, we love to push the limits. We want to create new styles of beer and new trends. We are constantly coming up with new recipes so our beers are always fresh and exciting for us and for our customers, too. When all is said and done, we’re passionate about making beer that the people of our community will want to experience. Simply put, it’s why we brew.


Where to Find Us

Broken Wheel Brewery at Fresh Catch Bistreaux

109 Tunica Drive East

Marksville, LA 71351

(318) 253-6543

As we continue to grow, our goal is to get on tap in many bars and restaurants in Central Louisiana and beyond. As we expand our locations, we will be sure to keep all you locals updated!